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Our Range

Our range of finest basmati rice comes from thousands of rice growers across India


Make lip-smacking dishes with our award winning products

Food & Festivals

Celebrations are intrinsic to Indian way of life. Explore India’s diverse culture and cuisine in this section and find out the stories behind what we eat

Rice Tales

From its first cultivation around 10,000 years ago, rice has fed more people than any other grain. It has been closely linked with the evolution of human civilisation across continents. Let’s explore different aspects of rice and our association with the god of grain

World's Favorite

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My Rice Story

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Ricing since Centuries

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The Wonder Grain

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Grains of Hope

A drive to bring a smile to every face and food on every plate.
During the time of the pandemic, ‘Grains of Hope’ an initiative Foods India Gate was initiated for Mothers
by ensuring the maximum number, receiving rice supply and benefited many families across the country.


Find out which delicious dishes everyone is cooking with India gate rice and is sharing on social media for the world to know.

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